Tuesday, April 30, 2013


For you, Mom:

I'm no radiologist, but bone looks to be growing where it should....can't wait to get the official word from Dr. P and hopefully schedule a surgery date to get those damn fixators removed!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Overall Annie’s appointment with Dr. P this week went very well (even though we had to wait close to 4 hours for a less than 5 min appointment).  We are so excited that she has completed the distraction (lengthening) phase and has moved on to the consolidation (hardening) phase!!  I am hopeful that her pain will lessen drastically now that her bones are no longer being pulled apart.  I was thinking that she would be able to have the fixators removed a month after the lengthening was complete, but it turns out it will be 2 months.  Damn!    

Her latest infection has cleared and she is no longer required to wear the thumb immobilization splints, or splints of any kind right now.  She is actually quite fond of her splints (I think it is a sense of comfort for her) and she cries when we take them off (we put them on for sleeping as a sense of security for her).  She has literally worn some form of splint since she was 2 days old, so I could see why she might feel a bit naked without them!

It was very disheartening to hear that she would have the fixators at least 8 more weeks.  That means 8 more weeks of pin site cleaning (aka daily torture).  Boo, hiss, I don’t wanna……

She has gained about 15 mm in length on each radius.  Pretty amazing if you ask me!  Her arms and hands are very stiff but that is expected from being immobilized for 6 weeks.    As she gets more and more comfortable with being splint free she is using her hands more.  Unfortunately she has lost all of her thumb function, but now that her hands are free I am hopeful that she will regain all that she had a more (the muscle transfer is supposed to increase opposition).  I still have that twinge of, oh hell, why did I let him mess with her thumbs again.  She was doing so great….why rock the boat for more when you could end up drowning, you know?  Of course, on the other hand (pardon the pun), let’s rock that boat and see how far she swims.  I think she will amaze us all!  Yep, that’s what I’m going with for now!

Until today, Alexander had a terrific week, despite Annie, Mommy, and Gee being in FL for part of it.  He got sent to the “principals” office today for hitting…….really?.......I think I need a drink!

Annie and Gee on the veranda waiting to see Dr P:

Left arm x-ray 4/1:

 Right arm x-ray 4/1:

So tired she can't even sit up straight (I know the feeling)....


Silly boy: