Monday, June 10, 2013

Buh bye fixators!

Annie gets her fixators removed tomorrow!  So excited for her!  Prayers for a quick, complication free surgery in the morning.  Oh, and let's add minimal pain!  We are back in West Palm but can hopefully go home Thursday as planned!

We took Annie to the beach this afternoon and she had a blast!  Future beach bum.


  1. Oh happy day! We're thinking about you and anticipating that Annie will be so elated to shed the fixators. We're sure everything will go well. So glad she had a fun day at the beach yesterday. We'll have to plan for lots of beach days for her in the future. You, Annie, and your mom our in our hearts and prayers today. Love to you.

    Mimi and Papa

  2. that is fantastic! I'm so glad she is getting them out today :) I hope the procedure and recovery is smooth and you are back home in a few days as planned :)