Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fixator Removal Over!!

Annie did GREAT today!!  This is surgery number 7 for her, but the first time she didn't have to stay inpatient.  What a difference.  And best of all?  She does not seem to be in any pain (knock on wood).  She was super, super grumpy for a few hours post-op, but has been pretty delightful all afternoon.  PRAISE!!!

Hoping for a restful night for her and more of the same tomorrow.

For those that have asked....here is a picture blitz......even though I cannot get her to smile for the camera, much less look at it these days!  We decided to stay ocean front for her final (for awhile) surgery.  Great idea!

Annie's first trip to the beach....she seemed to love it!

Mommy and Annie

All this beach going has tuckered me out!

6 am this morning waiting for surgery...."I want a snack" she said and furrowed her brow

WOW.....straight arm (In the process of having her splint made)

Left arm pin sites....they look pretty good

First words she managed to say upon waking up?  Where's Gee Gee?  Ask and she shall receive!

It's been a long day....let's go back to the hotel and put pj's on!


  1. The furrowed brow picture is so darn adorable :p

  2. Love the pictures! I'm so happy and relieved for you and Annie. I wish I could give her a big hug right now!


  3. *poke*

    How are all of you doing? I'm hoping you'll check in soon and let us know everyone is ok :)

  4. Hi Jeanine!
    It has been forever since we last talked! I tried to email you at the one I had from over a year ago. Your address must have changed. It looks like you've been through a lot since we spoke. I have some news as well. Please send me your new email address so we can visit. Mine is the same pkendzio05@yahoo.com
    So great to see that Annie has come along way!
    Pam Kendziora

  5. Hi Jeanine!
    I came across your blog as I have been looking for pollicization pictures and surgeons etc. My daughter has Holt Oram as well. She will be needing pollicization surgery for both hands. She is almost 6 months and I was hoping I could get some advise from someone who has been there done that. Annie and you have been through such an incredible journey!! I am very inspired. As a mother, I know how hard it is to see your baby have to go through all of this and I will be there pretty soon. Please let me know what surgeon you used for this and if you would recommend him/her or have any other thoughts regarding the pollicization surgery. I would be forever grateful!! So glad Annie is doing so well!! Please email me at sommerag01@hotmail.com My name is Sommer Key and I am here in Houston, TX

  6. Just checking in--I've been thinking about all of you and hoping all is well :)

  7. Was thinking about you today :) I hope all is well!